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Our corporate development, legal strategy and capital funding services expanded market shares for clients, played an essential role in the development of international businesses and cultivated stakeholder relationships for continued success. The J. Nelson Company team successfully negotiated collaborative partnerships that provided pathways for multibillion dollar projects in the Americas. We have decades of experience in business development, finance, law, technology, and stakeholder relations.​ ─J. NELSON COMPANY Corporate Development & Capital Funding

Assess, plan & implement

a strategic, profitable & sustainable business plan.

​​─J. NELSON COMPANY Corporate Development & Capital Funding


J. Nelson Company can assist with funding through accounts receivable factoring.  In today's market, factoring is seen as another qualifying step for a growth ready company.  Our team looks forward to assisting you with cash flow needs and expanding your market share.  We focus on low to middle market factoring.


We understand that speed-to-market and commercialization is vital for market share.  J. Nelson Company offers licensing of intellectual property (IP) as an option to equity offerings and divestitures.  This allows you to maintain majority control while receiving a guaranteed financial benefits, tax incentives and future royalties.  Typically, this also provides for a higher payout exit strategy and can provide future R&D funding for additional projects.


We can assist with low middle to middle market capital resource identification for growth, M&A and LBO through equity, debt, or mezzanine financing; considerations for lesser amounts can be made on a case-by-case basis.  J. Nelson Company serves as an Introducer for its capital funding resource clients ─identifies funding sources for ventures or opportunities for investors.  Neither J. Nelson Company or its employees are registered with FINRA or any regulatory authority​.

coRporate development

An integrated development approach is invaluable.

J. Nelson Company assesses opportunities for growth and sustainable development.  We analyze your, or your clients´, industry performance and market penetration.  Our team works to understand what the aspirations are in comparison to capabilities, what issue management is required and how to implement the needed strategic plan with stakeholders.

The demand for market share and its management is ever increasing. 

We develop the most productive solutions and legal strategies to help secure increased sales, investment or acquisition interest in your company.  J. Nelson Company provides corporate development planning, pre-capitalization packaging for investor memorandums, divestiture decks for exit strategies, licensing intellectual property (IP) valuations and commercialization packaging.  We utilize essential digital marketing, media, public and government relations, issue management, information dissemination, and strategic communications services.  J. Nelson Company finds the needed solutions to build a positive and enduring reputation with stakeholders: investors, customers, employees, communities, governments and NGO's.  

Capital funding

Financial resources are vital for development and sustainability.  J. Nelson Company has an extensive capital funding resource network to serve ventures and investors with their growth and investment needs.  We have associate partnerships and active relationships with commercial banking, private equity investors, sustainable investment funds and IP licensing groups.

Corporate development & CAPITAL FUNDING